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Paintball series in the past have always been about how well a team can compete against other teams, usually on inflatable bunker fields or the scenario field. Snipers by nature however operate in teams of two or on their own; this is where the Top Paintball Sniper series sets itself apart from the other events. For years there have been discussions and debates as to the existence of true paintball snipers, now there is a medium to show those that don’t believe in the idea that there actually is a lone player on the field that can make all the difference.

Based on concepts from the real world, the Top Paintball Sniper events are multi-stage skill challenges, where targets are engaged and not another human. Decisions are made by the individual competitors and those decisions will not only impact their standings but also allow them to show off their individuality.

Also, in support of those that risk life and limb for our freedoms, Top Paintball Sniper has partnered with WoundedWarriors.ca (Canada) as an official charity partner.

Please take a moment to explore the Top Paintball Sniper website to get more info on what we are all about and take a look at our registration page to see if we have an event in your area!

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